Endangered Jamaican Manatees

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This cool site is all about Jamaica's endangered manatees. In it you'll find a lot of cool facts about these exotic creatures. Get to know manatees and you'll realize that they aren't sea monsters at all, but warm, lovable animals, who couldn't survive without their mamma's loving care! You didn't know that manatees are related to elephants? Well, now you do! Get more cool facts like this (including their link to mermaids) at manatee tidbits. This is education the cool way!

Trust us, if you liked 'Free Willy' then you'll definitely love Whoa!!! - Saga of Three Trapped Manatees!.

Learn the fun way!



[Manatee Tidbits] [Manatee Saga] [Sky Patrol] [Public Awareness] [Professor Speaks]

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